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Cinematch : Options Production & Psychotic Prod

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Momentary loss of memory. Locked into a car, then into an egg of a cable car, then into the common building where they all live in their own homes, Alice and Alain incur and push each other away. The couple is going to naively mask their conflicts by the classical romantic holiday, until Alain’s amnesic ictus upsets everything. Unless it is a revelation? An erotic bracket? Or the beginning of a robust love story?
In order to watch the movie, use the password : dacorictus

ELENA and ARTURO are a couple fully in love until one day, one of their friends sow seeds of doubts in their minds. Philippe reveals to Elena that Arturo is tired of their relationship. He no longer loves her but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. But all is fair in love and war! ELENA will organize their break up herself.
In order to watch the movie, use the password : optionsproduction