ELENA and ARTURO are a couple fully in love until one day, one of their friends sow seeds of doubts in their minds. Philippe reveals to Elena that Arturo is tired of their relationship. He no longer loves her but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. But all is fair in love and war! ELENA will organize their break up herself.
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Fun Facts of Movie

Soon to be broadcasted on Canal + – password : optionsproduction

Elena and Arturo form a happy couple living peacefully, until the day that someone close to them reveals to Elena that Arturo has become bored with her. He no longer loves her, but doesn’t have the courage to break up the relationship! Cut to the quick, Elena hence takes the initiative of breaking up with Arturo. She employs Bastien, a young actor who appears straight, to seduce her ex-lover and envisages to make him suffer through an intermediary. Bastien has the advantage of being a professional actor. Elena imagines that she would be less humiliated if Arturo accepts his gay side and if he is ensnared by a man rather than a woman. But the heart has its reasons and Elena becomes the victim of her own strategy.


IFF Film festival – Irvington USA (Best score: Marc Collin, Julien Cocset, Emmanuel d’Orlando, best actress: Blanca Li)
31st WICKED QUEER – THE BOSTON LGBT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Boston, USA) APRIL 2, 2020
9th RICHMOND INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Richmond, VA, USA) APRIL 21, 2020
11th KASHISH MUMBAI INT’L QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
20th LA.MEKO – INT’L SHORT FILM FESTIVAL LANDAU (Official Selection, Landau, Germany)

04.08.2019 * LISBON FILM RENDEZVOUS 2019 (Official Selection, Lisbon, Portugal) 10.08.2019 * 17th SQUARE LAKE FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Stillwater, Minnesota, USA) 24.08.2019 * 4th LOS ANGELES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS (Official Selection, USA)
15.09.2019 * 13th BATUMI INT’L ART-HOUSE FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Batumi, Georgia)
19.09.2019 * 37th CHICAGO LGBTQ+ INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Offi cial Selection, Chicago, IL, USA) 04.10.2019 * 5th VÄSTERÅS FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Västerås, Sweden) 08.11.2019 * 1st INDIEX FILM FEST (Official Selection, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
23.11.2019 * 3rd INT’L SHORT FILM FESTIVAL OF BEVEREN (Official Selection, Beveren, Belgium)

Distinguished feelings, based on a script by Michaël Delmar, has been broadcast at more than 25 festivals, including the international festivals of Leeds, Soria, La Muestra Intergalactica (Mexico) and the 37th Chicago LGBT Festival (one of the first of its kind in United States). And now Toronto, Boston, and Richmond !